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And I'll Sing Once More (Sound of Music)

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And I'll Sing Once More (Sound of Music)

~ Excerpt from my Spring Newsletter 

Today I went to a high school choir concert.  Like a REAL choir concert, where kids were singing together while parents watched on.  Such a small thing but one of many events lately that has reminded me of pre-pandemic times. 

And as I was watching these kids, I was thinking about how resilient they are.  I mean let's keep it real, online choir class is not fun.  Singing by yourself, in your room in front of a computer, while your classmates do the same...super awkward.  And today, after an entire year of that, these kids were singing and smiling and celebrating the fact that they were together, performing in front of family and friends. A small and beautiful miracle in and of itself.

Probably all of us have had our own version of the "On-line Choir Class" this year. Something we had to do that was awkward and hard and required us to show a lot faith and a boatload of resilience.  And just like I celebrated these kids today, I celebrate you for getting through what you had to.  Maybe you weren't in your pajamas, singing your heart out by yourself, but you were there, showing up and fighting it out.

And now, as the fog lifts and you have come out on the other side, hopefully you too can sing to your hearts desire.

Here's to warmer days and blooming flowers! Happy Spring!