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Welcome to VDI Jewelry Findings! Let the fun begin! Welcome to VDI Jewelry Findings! Let the fun begin!

Our Story

Jewelry with a soul...

This is what VDI Jewelry Findings is all about. 

And who doesn’t want that?

In a jewelry market saturated with commercially made product, VDI Jewelry Findings offers you components that allow your designs to stand out, with handcrafted, artisan-made jewelry supplies.

We want to help you celebrate your creativity and individual style and expand what is possible in your jewelry designs.



It all began with a trip to Bali….a long, long time ago. 

At the time, my husband was importing textiles and jewelry from South East Asia and I was working in an unfulfilling Wall Street job.

When my husband announced he was headed to Bali, I decided to tag along. I had been searching at this time for a direction to break out on my own.  That question was quickly answered upon arriving in Bali. I fell head over heels with this tropical paradise and the jewelry they made there…and my life was forever changed.

That was the first seed for the beginning of VDI Jewelry Findings.

I began importing gorgeous chain from Bali and in the meantime, began playing around with wax carving and producing jewelry here in the United States.

I did this for years, but I never thought about making a business out of jewelry findings, until I noticed so many e-commerce stores springing up around jewelry supplies (hey, I said this was a long, long time ago!)

In 2014, I thought “Why not give it a try?”.  I opened my Etsy shop, selling my own jewelry findings as well as my husband’s and my mother-in-law’s. 

Oh yeah, in case I didn’t mention it, I have a very creative and talented family.  VDI Jewelry Findings is an “all in the family” kind of operation and I couldn’t be more proud of that. We all have different styles and techniques, which adds to the diversity and range of our jewelry findings and products.



I create all my pieces using the “lost wax technique.” I hand-carve each piece out of wax with an artisan touch, giving life to our unique jewelry components.

Each piece is then molded and cast in sterling silver or bronze.

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing? To make something unique and special?

Let's work together to create jewelry that inspires and expresses the design style that is uniquely you!

~ Mary Ann Saville

Owner, Designer and Lover of Jewelry